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Riddles Ginger Wine Essence - Extra Hot - 125ML


An "Flaming Hot" Ginger non-alcoholic cordial or mixer drink. Also available in "Smooth"

To make approx 3L of wine, simply...

Place 1kg of sugar and 2350ml of water into a lidded pan and bring to boil to dissolve. Turn off the heat and mix in 125ml of Riddles Ginger Essence. Leave to cool and pour into sterilised bottles.

So the story goes... in the early 1900's Aunt Agnes Russel lived in Scotland and developed a wonderful ginger compound concoction which her local chemist made up for her using ginger essence.  Her ginger cordial drink was famous in the area where family and friends would partake of the liquid refreshment but her recipe was a closely guarded secret and it became known as Russel's Riddle.

Answering to a family crisis Aunt Agnes and her sister moved down to South Shields to look after there three nephews and bought the recipe with her where she continued to use a friendly local chemist to create the compound know known as Riddles.

The recipe has been passed down the family generations and the original recipe with the Riddles name is now owned and being cared for by Wine Online who are ensuring that the compound stays true to the original recipe and creating new extensions of the formula to give more choice to the consumer, they are sure Aunt Agnes would approve and be tickled pink.