Young's Lager Yeast Sachet 5g


Youngs Lager Yeast is a traditional bottom fermenting strain that is particularly adept to fermenting European style lagers. The single strain culture produces consistently fresh tasting lagers, promoting the malt’s natural flavours along with spice and hop aromas. You can expect a controlled, regular fermentation when temperature is maintained at 15°C, an increased temperature (20°C) will provide a more intense nose of hops, malt and spices.

This yeast is used in commercial breweries and is preferred due to its minimal oxygen requirement, good settling properties, minimal yeast head and straightforward, reliable performance. Young’s Lager yeast can be sensitive to variations in fermentation temperature, but where constant temperature is used it shows stable and consistent fermentation, high attenuation and strong sedimentation properties.


Technical Information

Gluten Free

Alcohol Tolerance: 8% v/v
Viable cell count > 5.0 x 10 CFU/gram
Wild yeast: 1 per millin
Total bacteria: Lagering: Final gravity loss may be achieved
through lagering down to 10°C