Micro Brewery Young's - "Woodforde's" System

At A Glance:
MakesMakes 40 Pint
Ready in onlyReady in only 21-28 days

Official Young's Licenced Product. Beware of imitations! Makes 40 pints of delicious Real Ale in just 21 days.


  • Woodforde's Wherry beer kit
  • Brewing Steriliser
  • 33 litre Brewing Vessel
  • Airlock System
  • Beer Paddle Hydrometer
  • Trial Jar Liquid Crystal Thermometer
  • Syphon System 23 litre (5gal) Pressure Barrel
  • 8grm Carbon Dioxide (co2) Gas Injection System For Priming / Dispensing.

Just add water.

Always follow beer kit instructions.