WineBuddy Starter Kit 6 Bottle Chardonnay

At A Glance:
MakesMakes 6 Bottle
Ready in onlyReady in only 7 Days


Official Young's Licenced Product. This kit contains everything required to make 4.5L /6 bottles equivalent of Cabernet Sauvignon wine in just 7 days. All the equipment is re-useable and refill kits are readily available in both white and red varieties.

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  • 5 Litre Brewing Vessel
  • Brewing Steriliser
  • Hydrometer Wine Tester
  • Wine Mixing Spoon
  • Syphon System
  • 5 Litre Transfer / Bottling Vessel
  • Plastic Wine Stoppers
  • Wine Bottle Labels

Just add sugar & water. Requires wine bottles for finishing / dispensing.

Always follow wine kit instructions.

Click Here for Starter Kit Instructions.