Niagara Mist

Niagara Mist - Black Cherry 6L

At A Glance:
MakesMakes 30 Bottle
Ready in onlyReady in only 4 Weeks

Niagara Mist winemaking kits create a unique wine beverage with fruity twist. Treat yourself and y our friends to the refreshingly light and lusciously fruit forward alternative to traditional table wine. The incredibly light and crisp Niagara Mist wine is the perfect beverage choice for any occasion. Enjoyed on its own or as a base for punches and wine spritzers.


Description: Characteristics of fresh red berries and luscious black cherries.

Alcohol: 6%

Body: Light

Oak: None

Sweetness: Sweet


Black Cherry Niagara MistRecommended A4 single sheet label paper.