How To Make Beer

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All beer kits include easy to follow detailed instructions.

It has never been easier to brew your own beer.  Using the finest quality ingredients, malt, hops and yeast to give you a great pint time and time again.


What will I need? ( Based on 40 pint kit )


The beer kit of your choice


1 x 25L Vessel

Airlock & Bung

Long Spoon / Beer Paddle

Hydrometer / Trial jar ( recommended )


Barrel / Bottles

Brewing Sugar / Beer Enhancer*

Co2 Bulbs**

* Not all kits require sugar

** For Barrelling only


How Do I Do It?

Please ensure you carefully read your beer kit instructions before starting your beer kit.

It's also a good idea to double check your kit contents before starting.

We cannot stress enough how important it is to thoroughly sterilse all equipment before use. We recommend using Young's Cleaner / Steriliser.

It may help to remove the lid, stand the can / pouch in hot (not boiling) water for up to 5 minutes, to help loosen up the malt to help pouring.

Empty the malt into the vessel. Your kit instructions will advise the required amount of water, we recommend you add 50 / 50 - Hot ( not boiling ) / Cold, adding hot first and stirring thoroughly.

If your kit requires sugar - use the hot water to help dissolve it.

After making sure the Malt / Water / Sugar is thoroughly mixed, use your Hydrometer and take a note of the reading. This will not only make sure you have thoroughly mixed but will help you determine your alcohol content at the end.

Add the Yeast / Hops and ensure the fermenter lid is tightly closed, fit the bung and airlock (containing water). Fermentation should start within 48 hours. This is shown by bubbles passing through the airlock.

A constant temperature will produce a more stable fermentation. Temperature variations may effect fermentation.

When the "bubbles" have stopped or slowed in the airlock, check the beer has finished using your Hydrometer.

Refer to your beer kit instructions as this will tell you when the specific gravity of when you can Barrel / bottle your beer.

In order to work out your alcohol content, take your starting gravity minus ( - ) your finishing gravity and divide by 7.41.

As an example - 1.0400 - 1.0100 = 30   Divide 30 by 7.41 = 4.05% ABV.

Once the beer has finished you then need to prime the beer, some will recommend half a tea spoon per bottle or around 80grams for a Barrel. The easiest way we find is to "bulk prime".

Simply transfer your beer into another sterilised vessel, add the full amount of sugar, mix thoroughly stiring well. This ensures that the sugar is equally dissolved in all of the wort.

Beer finings may also be added at this stage should you wish.

If transfering the wort into a Barrel (sterilised), make sure the "cap o'ring" has a smear of Vaseline to ensure an air tight seal. Its also a good idea to check the tap to make sure it is tight. 

If ottling ensure you leave a little head room for the Co2 to form.

Leave for around 2 weeks. This will give the beer time to carbonate and clear.


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